Relationship Advice Even Humans Can Understand from Two Cats in Love including Photos

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Relationship Advice Table of Contents

There are 50 pages in this guide to love. At the bottom of each page, just click "next page" to go to the next tip. We're lising our advice first; you can learn more about how we met by clicking the links at the bottom of the page.

Our love adviceKeys to a Steamy Relationship

Differences Are OK
Give Your Partner Compliments
Be Loyal to Each Other
Be In Touch with Your Partner's Feelings
Pick Your Battles
Communication Is King
Make Time to Discuss Your Relationship
Communication Takes Work Every Day
It's OK to Show Anger
Show Affection Every Day
Leave the Past Behind
Be Best Friends
Help Your Partner Be His / Her Best
Give Each Other Time and Space Alone
Be Tolerant of Your Partner and Grateful You're Together
Make Your Sweetheart Your Priority
Pay Attention to What Works

Men vs. Women

Appreciate Your Man
Make Him Think He's a Babe Magnet
Nurture Your Man's Ego
Keep Your Man Guessing
Work at Making Your Love Happy
Women Want to Be Taken Care Of
Men Should Provide for Their Partners
Women Want Powerful and Protective Men
Is Your Man Trainable?
Let Your Partner Win
Foxy Shares a Story of Love

The Final Chapter

To read how we met, how we handle our humans and finances, our health and fitness secrets, keep reading the following sections!

Introduction -- How we found our home and each other

Introduction by Sam
How We Found Our Humans and Each Other
How Mom and I Met
Another Man In Our House

Our Early Days -- Getting to know each other

My Early Life in the Mountains
Diabetes at Age Six
The Day Foxy Arrived
The First Few Days -- A Budding Love Affair
Early Days Sharing Our Home

Home and Financial Security -- If you have all this you can focus on each other Financial Security Is a Must
Make Your Home Your Sanctuary
Watch Your Diet. Eat Together As a Family
Invest in Good Bedding and Places to Relax

Lifestyle Choices -- Make the best choices for your mind, body and spirit

Take Care of Your Health
Make Time for Exercise and Play
Groom Yourself Every Day
Nurture Your Spirit. Spend Time In the Sun
Be Thankful and Show Gratitude
Travel: Enhance Your Life and Knowledge
Be Well Read and Informed
Build Your Self Esteem